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5 Tips on how to spring clean your life

  1. De-clutter your living space! Clear out anything you have not worn for the last 12 months, have not used, read or watched. Clearing out your cupboards and maybe giving one or two rooms a lick of fresh paint, makes you feel so much lighter.
  2. If you are not happy with your appearance, then look at ways in which to make you feel good about yourself. Shedding off those extra ‘winter warming pounds”, may seem a daunting task but you don’t have to go on a crash diet. Cut down on fatty foods and sugary snacks and get out and do some exercise. 5 x 30 minutes per week, is the government recommendation for adults who wish to maintain good health!
  3. Friendships – what relationships are you holding onto that no longer serve or support you? Are the friends you have supportive, helpful, always there when needed? If not, then you may wish to consider severing a few ties, and consider ways of making new friends with like-minded people.
  4. How often do you hear yourself say, “there are never enough hours in a day”? Well, if you want more time for yourself then take out your diary and schedule some time! Even if it is only an hour each day or a day off at the weekend. Spend some time in nature, or with friends who you have not seen in a while, or maybe just spend some time with your partner – have fun and don’t feel guilty about it!
  5. Are you in your dream job? When you consider where you are now, is it where you intended to be? If you are not happy with your current place of employment then look at your skills and talents and consider where they would be better placed. Believe in yourself and take action to get to where you truly want to be – there is no time like the present.

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