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"Break the dieting cycle - an addict's guide"

Then find out how to break out of the 'dieting cycle'............

Are you addicted to dieting?  If you have tried every diet in the book and failed, then I am not surprised.  You see dieting DOES NOT WORK.  That's right!  For the many of you out there, who have spent most of your life feeling miserable because of being in the vicious cycle of trying to stick to the latest faddy diet, then it is time to stop the madness.

It's a fact that the dieting industry is a multi-billion pound industry, yes billion.  Because despite their claims, they are all making money from other people's misery.  The fact is, that if you really want to lose weight, you have to learn to love yourself, and change the way you think.  You may ask, how?

Every day each and every one of us has around 60-70,000 thoughts, so if you consider how many of those thoughts are negative, particularly about yourself, then is there any wonder you have a weight problem?  You see, what you tell yourself, you delude yourself into believing and, if every time you look in the mirror, you hear yourself say, "I'm fat, then fat is what you will stay.  Furthermore, if you look in the mirror and criticise your hips, your thighs, your breasts, then guess what, the weight will not shift, you will just continue to get bigger.

Gok Wan who recently bounced onto our screens in "How to Look Good Naked", has the right philosophy and is trying to get the message accross to women all over the UK. In accepting yourself, no matter what size you are, you can look good naked.  However, if your weight is starting to affect your health, e.g. you have been recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, or your blood pressure is unusually high, or you find yourself getting out of puff, just by climbing the stairs, then it really is time to take an inventory of yourself and take some positive action - STOP BEING A VICTIM.

So, here are some useful tips on how to lose weight more effectively:-

  1. Stand in front of the mirror and take a good look at yourself.  I know it may seem painful but you can do it
  2. Now, instead of casting a critical eye over your body, say to yourself, "I love and approve of myself".  This may seem silly and you might feel a complete idiot, but there is no-one around to hear you, only you, and if cannot do this, then this is where the problem lies.
  3. The more you tell yourself you "love and approve of yourself", it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, so do it every time you look in the mirror.
  4. Ask yourself how much weight you realistically want to lose?  If you think you need to lose a lot, then approach your weight loss with the mindset of taking it one step at a time.
  5. Consider what dress/trouser size would you like to fit into, but be realistic
  6. Throw out all the clothes that don't fit.  If you have a particular outfit that you really don't want to throw out, then place it on a hanger and put it in a prominent position.  This could be your motivator for losing weight?
  7. Consider how much you eat in a day, and be honest
  8. How much alcohol do you drink each week (acceptable measures are 14 units for women and 21 units for men)
  9. Do you eat when you are hungry or when you are bored?
  10. What kind of foods do you eat more of?  Are they fast food, or foods with a high calorific value
  11. Do you eat to suppress your real feelings, e.g. do you comfort eat or when you are bored?
  12. If you work shifts, how much do you eat on a night shift? 
  13. How often do you drink water?  The human body is made up of a lot of water, therefore, you need to drink at least 8 glasses a day - it's good for your skin, bowel movement and it's good for fat utilization
  14. How much tea and coffee do you drink?
  15. How often do you exercise?
  16. How much time lapses between each meal?
  17. Do you skip breakfast, and if so, how long do you go without food?

So, these are some pointers to begin with and it is good to approach this with a relaxed mind, because when you allow those ANTS (automatic negative thoughts) to take a hold, then that only leads to inactivity and inertia - you procrastinate, you have no motivation or desire to do something positive towards attaining your goal and you really cannot be bothered to even try.  You may also delude yourself into thinking, "oh, I am happy as I am anyway, why should I bother?"  Read on..............

However, what is important, is that once you start to learn to love yourself and change the way you think, then you will be amazed at the results.  We can teach you lots of strategies for helping you lose weight, but you have to take ACTION and you have to be committed to the process.  The good news is, you can EAT WHAT YOU WANT.  Yes, that's right, YOU CAN EAT WHAT YOU WANT.  But, before you go and raid the fridge big time,  consider this:-

All the above has a bearing on the level of your success, so you need to be honest with yourself.  You are your mission, if you wish to lose those unwanted pounds - but you have to be patient with yourself and if you have the support from someone who cares about you, then you are on your way to achieving success.

Now, let us look at physical activity.  When you hear the word 'exercise' what does that bring to mind?  Does your experience of doing something active, raise a bad memory?  Because, for some people, the very thought of doing something active, sends them into a state of 'inactivity', simply because of how they relate to the very idea of exercising.  If this applies to you, then this is something we can work on and I can help you to overcome the limiting belief(s) that are stopping you from getting active.

Meantime, in order to get active, consider the following suggestions:-

  1. Walk the kids to school and leave the car at home
  2. If you use public transport, get off a stop earlier in order to make you walk further
  3. Ensure you take a lunch break and go out for a brisk walk in the fresh air, this will also uplift you and make you feel less tired in the afternoon, after you have eaten lunch.
  4. Drink more water - it's good for fat utilization and it cleanses away toxins
  5. Play with the kids after school, rather than encourage them to sit at a computer or in front of the t.v.
  6. Walk, run, skip, use the trampoline, or join a fitness class
  7. If you are considering joining a gym, and feel a bit nervous, then get a buddy, someone who is willing to encourage and support you
  8. Take an early evening stroll during the summer nights, rather than sitting in front of the television.
  9. Go swimming or take up a new sport, e.g. badminton, tennis, golf or football
  10. If your kids got a Wii for Christmas then find out how to start playing some of the games, they are great fun and get you off the sofa
  11. If you still don't have the confidence to take up some exercise then why not purchase an exercise video?  I can highly recommend "Strictly Come Dancing Fitness Video".  You can choose which section you want to start with and work your way through it, at your own pace.
  12. Finally, aim for 30 minutes activity on at least 5 days a week (Kids need to do an hour each day, at least).

And, try not to do too much too soon, for instance, if you decide to join a gym and set yourself a goal of attending 3 times a week, consider how realistic this target is?  Because, if you don't, you will find yourself making all sorts of excuses not to go!

The strategies I have given you do work, but you must be  committed to yourself and be patient.  There will be days when you cannot be bothered.  At such times, don't allow the negative mind chatter to take over - just start again the next day.  Also, consider what you are going to give yourself as a reward when you reach your target weight - a new wardrobe?   If you still cannot motivate yourself, if your self-sabotaging behaviours or too deeply entrenched to overcome, then contact us and we will be happy to discuss the type of service we can offer you that will motivate you into action and get you started.  Good luck.

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