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What age category do you work with?

To date, my youngest client was 11 years old. Children who are referred to me for counselling, may be finding it difficult to come to terms with their parent's break-up, may be suffering school bullying or exam stress.  I have also helped some children who have been diagnosed with ADHD.  I have also worked with some young people who have suffered cyber bullying, have confidence or weight issues, have concerns about the sexuality or who may have been in a car accident and have been diagnosed with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

I have worked with men and women from all walks of life who are facing various crisis.  Whether it be abuse, depression or anxiety, a recent bereavement or loss or who may just be going through a very difficult time.  I also with clients who are referred from Collaborative Family Lawyers (   Clients referred by family lawyers, are usually in the process of going through a legal separation or divorce.  Finding yourself in such circumstances can be highly stressful and for some couples, they can find the prospect of separating from a long standing partner very hard to come to terms with. Therefore, I provide couple counselling as well as individual therapy.

Where does the counselling take place?

I see counselling and some coaching clients from my therapy room which is based at Ecclesfield Business Centre, Stocks Hill, Ecclesfield, Sheffield.   I also do home visits in certain circumstances, e.g. for people who maybe infirm or have a disability, and I offer telephone counselling to those living a long distance away or who may not be able to find the time to have face to face sessions.    If you are going through a difficult time, or have some personal issues, that won't go away, then you would probably benefit from counselling?  If you are in a difficult place and have been considering getting professional help, then send me your contact details (see contact form below) together with a brief outline of the reason why you seek counselling and I will get right back to you. 

How much does it cost?

I charge £50.00 per session, for individuals, and £60.00 for couples.  Fees are negotiable for students, and people claiming benefit or who maybe on low income.

For more information, see my fees page

How do I make an appointment?

Simply fill in the contact form, or contact me on 07886 198 293.  If I am not available to answer your call, please leave your name and number and I will call you right back.

What happens next?

When you attend your first session, you will be taken through an assessment to discuss the issues you are presenting and a contract will be agreed between both parties. Six sessions will be offered, to start with and future sessions will be arranged to suit your requirements. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. All sessions last approximately 50 minutes and are strictly confidential, within the limits of confidentiality.

Unfortunately, there is still a negative stigma attached to counselling, insomuch as not everyone wants to admit they need counselling.  For some people who hold this view, they find it difficult to seek help, when life becomes extremely difficult.  Consequently, they will continue to stay in 'denial' until something drastic happens to promote change.  If you are unsure about whether to seek counselling,  then read my article, "You don't have to be 'mad' to seek counselling".  After reading the article you may decide differently?

“Your past does not equal your future”………………

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