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How Can Counselling Help You?


Counselling is client-led and can:

I am an integrative counsellor qualified in person centred theory and also integrative counselling.  I help men and women from all walks of life, to explore their issues and sort out their difficulties.  With my help and support they are able to put closure on their past and start to move forward. 

Most of my clients have started to look forward to a brighter future, happier in the knowledge that they are unique individuals capable of making their own decisions and choosing what's right for them. 

Some people who have sought my help have gained greater insight into their problems by choosing to work with a cognitive model of therapy called 'Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy'.  REBT was developed by the late Albert Ellis back in 1955 and helps people to let go of destructive behaviour patterns and start to make some positive changes in their lives.

If you are still unsure whether to go ahead with counselling therapy, then take a few moments to look at some of the testimonials on my website, provided by some of the clients I have worked with.  Why wait till you have reached 'breaking point' or have started to suffer ill health? 

Client Testimonial: 

"Back in autumn 2007 I had hit a wall..... Jayne Briggs came to my rescue. I had just turned 40, left a loveless and childless marriage 5 years ago, and I had no sense of who I was and no way of controlling a neediness for some one to love me and make me feel good about myself.   I wanted a family, I wanted love and reassurance.  I put myself second in any relationship I formed and became desperately crushed when those relationships failed.  I felt I had failed, and could not see much point in going on....  

Jayne was recommended to me through a friend who was studying life coaching. Jayne had given a lecture at a seminar then later chatted to this friend of mine who mentioned that I needed help. I was passed Jayne’s number and quite fearful and trembling, I phoned and the voice of an angel answered.  We arranged to meet and within a few weeks of regular meetings I was feeling my old self.  Jayne is kind, caring and understanding.   She is impressively qualified to both counsel and life coach. She never stops learning and uses a wealth of strategies to bring forward the  ‘you’ that was always there but just needed bringing out.   Jayne is not just a counsellor but a friend with a true healing spirit, who will bring the best out of you and help to heal the hurt and pain and damage of the past well away from harming you again.  Thank you, Jayne you are a star and I hope more people discover the gift of living that you bring to us who have found you.  

I still attend Jayne’s workshops, from time to time. You can never stop learning to move forward and Jayne is a great role model for proving this."  Thank you so much

Love and best wishes Fiona xx

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