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Overcome Stress & Stress Management

“Time can be your taskmaster, if you allow it. Instead, stand still, let go and enjoy being in the present moment as you listen to all the sounds around you, smell the smells and embrace the beauty of being alive”

Jayne Briggs - Life Solutions.

Stress management techniquesAs your life coach I can help you to identify the factors that have helped to create the stress and anxiety you may be currently suffering from. If you find yourself being constantly berated by negative ‘mind chatter’, then you can develop strategies to change your way of thinking in order to overcome negativity and develop a more positive mindset.

Perhaps you are:

As a life coach and stress management trainer, I can help you to develop strategies to be able to manage the stress in your life. We all need a certain amount of stress to achieve our goals. However, too much stress can lead to illness, muscle tension and fatigue. It can also put unnecessary restrictions on our lives. When you are unhappy and constantly worried about your current situation, if your problems are not faced and dealt with then you can find yourself descending on a downward spiral. This can lead to suffering mood swings, irritability, depression, low self esteem and very soon, you find your confidence has diminished.

10 Tips for Stress Relief

In order to overcome stress or manage stress effectively, it is important to take time out for yourself, to relax, sit back and enjoy being in the present moment. When was the last time you truly relaxed and let your mind go free? If you do not know the answer to this, then now is the time to do something about it. Click on this audio clip link and listen to a sample of my relaxation therapy CD. If you want to know how to order my latest CD then fill in the contact details below or you can call me on  07886 198 293. The CD is on offer at an introductory price of just £7.99. It is yours for free if you decide to book 6 one hour coaching sessions.

Adults are not the only ones who suffer with stress and anxiety, children can also suffer, depending on what is going on around them, and what they are having to face.  For example when a couple are having difficulties in their relationship, no matter how hard they may try to hide the conflict from their children,kids can be pretty astute, so  they do pick up on such things.  This can make them feel very insecure.  Yet, rather than discuss their feelings with Mum or Dad, they can sometimes choose to hide them for fear of worrying their parents. 

School presents its own set of challenges, whether it be because your child is just starting a new school, or maybe enduring bullying but find it difficult to talk about it, or feeling stressed out over forthcoming exams.  If this is not dealt with, it can lead to low self esteem and greatly affect a child's confidence.  In order to help your child avoid stress, encourage them to talk about their feelings or help them consider taking up a new hobby?  There are counsellors available in some schools, so talking to a teacher or making an appointment with the school counsellor may alslo help. 

Whether it be you or any member of your family that is suffereing from stress right now, learning to relax is key in helping you to deal with the day to day challenges of daily living.  Consider some relaxation therapy or seeing a professional therapist in order to get the support you need?  You may find it is one of the best investments you have ever made.

What is Relaxation Therapy?

Relaxation therapy is great for alleviating stress and anxiety and is also offered in addition to Reiki healing, should you choose to book a healing session.  Relaxation therapy is offered in the safety and comfort of my therapy room, situated in the Ecclesfield Business Centre, Stocks Hill, Ecclesfield, Sheffield.  Sometimes, I will visit clients in their own homes, if they suffer from a disability, details are available on request. 

I use visualisation techniques to help clients to relax, along with gentle background music.  Clients are invited to relax in an easy chair, or if they prefer, lie down on a healing couch, fully clothed.  If you are the kind of person who:-

Then Relaxation Therapy may work very well for you?   Contact me for further details., I look forward to hearing from you.

Where to go for some further relaxation?

I conduct Reiki healing sessions and teach Relaxation Therapy at my therapy room behind the Ecclesfield Business Centre, Stocks Hill, Ecclesfield,  Sheffield.  If you would like to book a Reiki healing session or have some relaxation therapy, then contact me and I will be happy to arrange an appointment to suit your needs.  Take a look at this interesting article about meditation and it's benefits

Want to Increase your Fitness Levels and Lose Weight Successfully?

Then why not contact Victoria Hudson who is an excellent fitness trainer.  Victoria runs Barno Bootcamps in Barnsley for women in particular, who wish to get fit.  You can contact Victoria on 07747806790.  For more information about the Barno Boot Camps email contact is or you can email Victoria at


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