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I find my job to be extremely rewarding and very fulfilling. The kind of people I work with, are men and women from all walks of life who are faced with different situations and are trying to tackle all sorts of problems. The testimonials below are from both counselling and coaching clients.  These are extra-ordinary people who were prepared to take responsibility for the difficulties they were facing and do something positive to change their life for the better.  Read on to find out what benefit they gained in seeking the therapy they needed.......................

NB:  For the sake of client confidentiality, most client names are protected with the use of initials. The testimonials with names attached were done so with the client's permission.

"I cannot thank you enough for the help you have given to me, you do an amazing job!" I will continue to sing your praises and wouldnt hesitate to refer a friend or relative to you should they need psychological help."  CW, Wakefield, West Yorkshire

"We approached Jayne Briggs for couple therapy when we were experiencing difficulties in our marraige.  Jayne, you have helped us tremendously to come through a difficult period and with your support and guidance we are now in a strong place.  We appreciate the time, energy and humour you brought to our sessions. We will continue to use the techniques you have taught us, as we embark on the next phase of our journey together.  Thank you for everything M&CW, Sheffield"

"Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and my son.  The self belief and strength I now have is astonishing.   I have come a long way and will always remember the sound advise you have given to me and the laughs we shared.  Thanks to you my young son is also much happier and much more confident too." LH, Sheffield

"I contacted Jayne for counselling in 2017.  She helped me tremendously. I found her to be empathic and she has a lovely down to earth approach, which put me at ease and helped me to open up about the issues I was concerned with.  When I first entered into counselling therapy with Jayne, I would have described myself as being frightened and I was lacking in self worth.  By the end of the therapy sessions, I feel completely different.  I have learned to accept myself, Jayne will be pleased to know that I tell myself 'I am awesome' on a regular basis.  I now believe I am absolutely good enough!

Since having the therapy sessions, I am enjoying life so much more as I am not allowing my past experiences to define my present and future. I feel that I have a plan for the future and that I am not just existing one day at a time.  Thank you Jayne for all your support and infinite patience". RF, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

"I attended counselling with Jayne due to an stressful incident that had occurred at work, causing me to lose confidence and fuel my 'worry' problems.  After only two sessions, I could not believe how much better I felt.  Learning to rationalise my thoughts and feelings empowered me to take control of my life and let go of the need to catastrophize!  I cannot thank Jayne enough for the help she gave to me and how much better I felt in such a short space of time. I recommend counselling to anyone who feels they are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Thanks Jayne for all your help." NS, Rotherham, South Yorkshire

"Jayne has not only helped me with the initial catalyst for my distress, but has also helped me tackle life long issues of low self esteem.  Providing coping strategies and emotional support, Jayne has completely changed my life.  I would recommend her services to anyone experiencing difficulties and personal trauma."  PS - Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

"Hi Jayne,

I just wanted to express my thanks and gratitude, once again for the help you gave to me when I accessed your counselling services.  Since we ended our contract, I am now divorced, my ex-husband has signed the house over to me, and although that was an ordeal in itself, I wouldn’t have been able to get through it without your support in being able to tap into my inner strength and maintain a positive outlook.

Also, I have met a new man who treats me like a queen.  He is patient, kind, loving and understanding, and best of all, he makes me laugh!   Although it’s early days yet, I am enjoying it for what it is right now.  I can’t thank you enough."

Helen Wells, Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

"Jayne is both empathetic and practical in her analysis of your issues.  The understanding and support she provided to me was invaluable, thanks for all your help Jayne, i wouldnt hesitate in contacting you should I require any additional emotional support". Mr S, Rotherham, South Yorkshire

Life solutions has been invaluable on the movement forward in our relationship. Jayne is incredible in how she really helps you to breakdown and gain clarity over issues and problems you maybe experiencing, which leaves you with a better understanding within your relationship and of your partner. I highly recommend Jayne's services, it has been the best thing we ever did and now we can just enjoy one another’s company again and have developed a better understanding on how to deal with issues ourselves in the future! Thank You Jayne! KF & RD, Sheffield.

Jayne is very knowledgeable, passionate and approachable. She instantly makes you feel at ease which makes it easier to open up. Jayne makes the materials she gives you to work with, very simplistic and easy to understand which helped me to use them at home. She has given me a new zest for life and I can honestly say the sessions I had worked tremendously. I would highly recommend her to anyone facing any difficulties as she is able to help you realize the root of the problem and give you tools to overcome this. LO, Sheffield, South Yorkshire


Facing relationship difficulties, I contacted Jayne with a view of gaining a better understanding of myself and my partner.  Jayne offered exactly what I was after - a no-nonsense approach that allowed me to consider and look at my situation differently.  Thanks Jayne for all your help, I gained a lot from coming to see you.  AB, Chapeltown, Sheffield.

I was referred to Jayne by a member of my family who had also benefitted from having counselling from Jayne.  I was very unhappy with my life and finding it increasingly difficult to cope.  Jayne help me recognize what needed to change and helped me to relinquish the need to look to others for my happiness and instead look inside myself!  I found her very approachable, professional in her approach and extremely helpful.  I would recommend Jayne's services to anyone who may find themselves in a similar position to where I was. JF - Swinton, Mexborough, Rotherham, South Yorkshire

When I visited Jayne, I was having difficulty with some personal relationships and wasnt sure exactly what I wanted.  Jayne's help was the 'breath of fresh air' I needed to help clear the cobwebs and put things into perspective!  I would highly recommend Jayne's counselling services, I feel much more positive now that I have made the right decision for me!  JW - Worksop, Nottinghamshire

Jayne is a wonderful counsellor who provided me with the necessary support throughout my therapy and made me feel comfortable talking about my issues.  Jayne offered me some great techniques to help me relinquish the past experiences which had contributed to the problems I had, which helped me regain my confidence and self esteem.  I always felt very postiive after our sessions and I would recommend Jayne to anyone seeking help for personal or emotional problems.  Jayne is highly professional and passionate about her work, thanks for all your help Jayne. Emma, Sheffield

I went to see Jayne after seeing the website.  I was feeling pretty desperate after suffering post natal depression and thought I would give it a go.  I'm ashamed to say I didn't believe in depression until I had it!___When I saw Jayne for the first time she immediately made me feel at ease and even after the first session, I felt I could see light at the end of the tunnel.  I continued to see Jayne for several sessions after that and in a relatively short space of time, I had learned from Jayne a different way of viewing life and dealing with it's many challenges.  I can't thank Jayne enough for her help and would certainly recommend her to anyone with similar problems to the ones I had.  HB, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

 I entered into couple counselling when my wife and I were going through some difficulties.  I realised I was holding onto 3 years of repressed anger and frustration and could no longer see a positive end to the difficulties we were experiencing.  I am now dealing with those issues, thanks to the help I received in counselling, and although my marriage is coming to an end, I feel that having counselling was useful. My home is much more peaceful and a happier place,  and I feel much happier now and far less stressed.  R.P. Sheffield.

"If you're reading this, you are in the right place.........

Do you know that feeling when you meet someone and they teach you something about yourself and life that transforms everything?  Well, that's what Jayne did for me a year ago.  Since that first conversation, my life has changed beyond anything I could have believed possible.  So, if you do nothing else, speak to Jayne, and learn more about how coaching can help you.

As a coach Jayne is encouraging, truly inspiring and enthusiastic.  She has believed in me totally and kept me on track when I got stuck or let my limiting beliefs take charge.  She reminds me of where I'm going and why I want it.  She sorts out the wood for the trees and helps me negotiate the barriers."    Fay Hartwell, Confidence/Self Esteem Coach, Nottingham

"When I initially visited Jayne I was suffering with low self esteem......

Although I would say I still have a long way to go with this, I now feel much more positive about myself and my future.  Jayne has given me the tools to continue focussing on developing my self esteem and I would encourage others who maybe feeling like this to seek the help of Jayne Briggs at Life Solutions, like I did, you are worth it!"    DE, Sheffield

"I would recommend Jayne Briggs of Life Solutions to anyone who feels they are in a black hole and cannot see a way out............

Approximately 4 months ago I was desperately in need of help.  My business was struggling, I was going through a difficult divorce, I kept making a mess of any relationship I was involved in, and to put it in a nutshell, I was a total mess!  In desperation I searched the internet and came across the name of Jayne Briggs and Life Solutions.  It was fairly local to myself so I e-mailed Jayne, outlining my issues.  I got a prompt reply and set up a meeting to see if she could help me - that was the start of my recovery.

I can only imagine what would have happened had I not sought therapy, very a scary thought actually (looking back now, I was in a really bad way).  I  booked six counselling sessions with Jayne and can honestly say that some of the issues I took to the meetings were complicated in the extreme.  Jayne, however, (never ruffled) helped me to deal with each one of them,  in a very professional way, and by the time each session ended, I felt that I was in control of my life again.  After a further 6 sessions, I was so impressed with they way I have moved on, that I realised coaching needed to be the next step.  I will be starting my coaching sessions in the new year.  My aim will be to gain focus in my life and get the tools to assist me in what I know will be a challenging time in business.  In conclusion, I would like to say a “Special Thanks” to Jayne, and would recommend her to anyone in a similar position to myself."     Mansfield Businessman, Nottinghamshire

"When I contacted Jayne Briggs for some counselling therapy, I had been let down very badly...

I just want to say a huge 'thank you' for all the help you  have given me throughout my counselling sessions.  When I contacted you, all I knew was that I desperately needed help.  In just 7 weeks you have brought me from thoughts of suicide to being able to see myself as others see me, a smart, confident woman.  Counselling has enabled me to explore, in a safe environment, personal  issues I have struggled with for much of my life, and has taught me how to properly analyse my reactions to life’s events so that I can live the rest of my life in a more rational way, rather than just survive.  “Thank you” seems inadequate..........."Kindest regards, Steph

"I approached Jayne Briggs for some counselling when my marriage had hit a rocky patch.  The sessions I had helped me to develop a greater understanding of myself and acceptance of others in my life.  My wife and I are now managing to work things through, satisfactorily". JA - Chapeltown, Sheffield

" I contacted Jayne Briggs after losing my Mum in January this year.  I was also trying to deal with some family conflict.  I felt lost and alone.  Jayne helped me to work through the issues I presented and as time went by I was able to slowly start coming to terms with the loss of my dear Mum.  Jayne also taught me how to develop self acceptance and acceptance of others.  I would highly recommend Jayne's counselling service.  I learned a lot about myself.  Thanks Jayne for all your help."    AN - Sheffield

"I contacted Jayne for some relationship counselling sessions, several months ago, and although the relationship ended, I felt that it was a great relief to talk about the issues surrounding it.  The best thing about Jayne is that she is'nt a 'nodding dog' who just sits there and does'nt say anything.  She makes constructive comments and asks questions other counsellors would'nt.  Her way of working helped me to gain clarity and insight into why the relationship had not worked out and helped me to accept it".  Danny from Sheffield

"Back in autumn 2007 I had hit a wall..... Jayne Briggs came to my rescue.  

I had just turned 40, left a loveless and childless marriage 5 years ago, and 

I had no sense of who I was and no way of controlling a neediness for some one to love me and make me feel good about myself. 

I wanted a family, I wanted love and reassurance.  I put myself second in any relationship I formed and became desperately crushed when those relationships failed.  I felt I had failed, and could not see much point in going on.... 

Jayne was recommended to me through a friend who was studying life coaching. Jayne had given a lecture at a seminar then later chatted to this friend of mine who mentioned that I needed help. 

I was passed Jayne’s number and quite fearful and trembling I phoned and the voice of an angel answered. 

We arranged to meet and within a few weeks of regular meetings I was feeling my old self. Jayne is kind, caring and understanding.   She is impressively qualified to both counsel and life coach.  She never stops learning and uses a wealth of strategies to bring forward the  ‘you’ that was always there but just needed bringing out.    

Jayne is not just a counsellor but a friend and a true healing spirit, who will bring the best out of you and help to heal the hurt and pain and damage of the past well away from harming you again.   Thank you, Jayne you are a star and I hope more people discover the gift of living that you bring to us who have found you. 

I still attend Jayne’s workshops, from time to time. You can never stop learning to move forward and Jayne is a great role model for proving this."  Thank you so much, Love and best wishes Fiona xx

"Jayne has helped me to develop self acceptance and acceptance of other people, which I have found to be truly liberating.  This has made me feel much happier about myself and I feel much more confident.  Also, if I feel 'stuck' or unsure, using the Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy model helps me to work through my negative beliefs.  Jayne has encouraged me to look at myself in a positive way, which I can now draw on whenever I start to feel inadequate.  'Thanks for everything, Jayne'      Lynn Doherty, Worksop, Notts 

"I signed up to 6 coaching sessions with Jayne in order to help me make a decision about my current work situation, and to help me to evaluate my options for the future.

The coaching helped me to feel better about myself and my inherent abilities.  Jayne seemed to instinctively gauge the approach that I needed and employed just the right combination of 'carrot and stick' to break my procrastination and get me to take some positive action to address the situation.  Jayne was approachable and professional at all stages of the coaching process and encouraged me to look for my own answers.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Jayne's services to anyone who needs help in breaking out of a rut."  NS, Thurgoland, Sheffield

"I contacted Jayne for life coaching because I felt like I was stuck in a rut, and I had very little confidence.  Jayne taught me to change my self-limiting beliefs, which has increased my confidence, and I have become more assertive and let go of the inner gremlins that were holding me back.  This led me to setting up a meeting with my boss to discuss a salary increase, and ask for what I really wanted - a  task I would have been too afraid to contemplate before being coached, for fear of making a fool of myself.  Thank you for all your help Jayne, and for helping me to develop a more positive outlook on life".     TT, Barnsley, South Yorkshire

“When I sought life coaching from Jayne Briggs of Life Solutions, I was finding it difficult to manage work/life balance. I was constantly stressed out and fed up of never having time for myself. There were just not enough hours in the day for me. With Jayne’s support and encouragement, I found the strength to tackle some of my issues and manage my time more effectively. I am endeavouring to trust other people to help me complete tasks at work, rather than try to do everything by myself. Thanks for giving me the push I needed to turn my life around”   

LB, Chesterfield, Derbyshire

“Having life coaching with Jayne Briggs helped me to start planning for self employment. Within 2 weeks, I had reduced my working hours and had signed up for a training course that would give me the qualification I needed to set up in my own business. I learned a great deal about myself and how I interact with other people. Thanks for helping me to get my life on track”

AB, Penistone, South Yorkshire

“Having life coaching with Jayne Briggs, helped to increase my confidence and I became more assertive. I also overcame my fear of driving by myself. I was very proud on the day I was able to drive to the shopping mall in Rotherham, without my husband by my side. Thanks Jayne for helping me to find the courage to face my fears”        CP, Sheffield

“I hired Jayne as my life coach to help me to develop strategies to take control of my life and improve my time management. I now feel more in control of my life and have learned how to balance work and study”      LF, Barnsley, South Yorkshire

“Life Coaching helped me to address the way I think and interact with others. I was going through a difficult period in my life and by changing my limiting beliefs, I became much more confident and assertive”    LB, Barnsley, South Yorkshire

“Having coaching was fun. It was great having someone to help you set goals that you felt were realistic and achievable. I lost weight effectively and a lot more easily. Thanks a lot Jayne. SC, Youlgreave, Derbyshire

“Jayne helped me to overcome the stress and anxiety I was enduring whilst going through a separation from my husband. I was able to step back and look at the way I was communicating. By improving my communication skills I was able to communicate my needs more effectively and am now moving forward with my life. Thanks a lot Jayne"   AH, Rotherham, South Yorkshire

"'After just one introductory coaching session, Jayne gave me the confidence to make a life changing decision - I resigned from my day job and entered into self employment.  I am now enjoying the freedom of being my own boss."   FG,  Bakewell, Derbyshire

"I hired Jayne as my life coach because my diary was ruling me and I was working too many long hours, not having enough time for myself or my family.  After just a couple of sessions, Jayne helped me to overcome these issues and this has helped me both persoally and professionally.  I am now contemplating my next goal - the future looks good"   JW, Barnsley, South Yorkshire

"I had confidence issues and a lot of weight to lose, when I hired Jayne Briggs as my life coach.  After the first session, in which Jayne took me through a visualisation exercise, my confidence soared and I felt motivated to start working towards achieving success.  Jayne is now helping me to focus on losing weight and after making some positive changes to my diet and taking up regular exercise, the weight is starting to come off and I feel so much fitter - thanks Jayne, I could not have done it without you."     JS, Doncaster, South Yorkshire

"Distance was'nt a problem when I contacted Jayne for some coaching sessions.  Jayne coached me over the phone and after just 3 sessions, my confidence was soaring and I was becoming more assertive, which helped me to tackle some personal issues that had been holding me back for such a long time.  I am now looking to the future with a much more positive mindset."      CW - Bristol, Avon

"I met Jayne when she visited Scotland for a holiday.  I had suffered with depression for such a long time and had very little confidence.  When Jayne told me she was a life coach, I arranged to have some coaching sessions immediately.  Jayne coached me over the phone and she has helped me tackle my confidence issues by getting me to look at my limiting  patterns of behaviour.  I am now starting to socialise more and I have recently taken up a course of study which is increasing my self esteem by the day. I now have a future to look forward to.  Thank you very much Jayne for all your support and encouragement".    DM, Inverness, Scotland

Client Comments

"I found Jayne Briggs of Life Solutions absolutely wonderful! She helped me get through a very difficult divorce and encouraged me to develop self belief, take care of myself and move on from what was one of the most challenges periods of my life. I would not have got through this time without her invaluable help and empathic understanding. I would highly recommend Jayne Briggs to anyone who is going through a divorce or seperation and does not know which way to turn....."

-&nsbp;S.Greenly, Barnsley, South Yorkshire

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